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May 2014,Xiamen University has established the Graphene Engineering and Industry Research Institute cooperated with University of Manchester by introducing Professor Konstantin Novoselov ,who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the Graphene in 2010.The Institute is supported by Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (2011 Plan Program of the Ministry of Education), adopted the collaboration model of Nobel laureate-Advantageous University-Leading enterprise-Developed City to run through the industrial-academic-research from top to bottom, aiming at promoting the development of industrial cluster, which takes the graphene as a core, covered with fields in membrane material, information and energy. Its model will guide the advancement of industry technology of graphene and other two-dimensional materials at home and abroad.

Under this international pattern, Xiamen University has established an interdisciplinary research platform with subjects in manufacture, information, energy and membrane material. What is more, through continuous integration and funding of scientific research strength of related schools, introducing the Nobel laureate as well as combining with advantageous enterprise ,Xiamen University aims to promote the basic research  and  application development of two-dimensional materials, graphene as the representative, in order to construct a leading R&D institution with international level so that the overall standard of engineering in Xiamen University can be greatly enhanced  while  strengthing the transformation and upgrading of related industrial chain of Xiamen city and even of Fujian Province.