The Last Mile to the Industrialization of Graphene and 2D Material

At the meeting, Tian Zhongqun( the Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor of Chemistry and Engineering Institute, Dean of Graphene Industry and Engineering Institute) briefly analysis the development of graphene industry at the present, reviewing the construction progress of Graphene Industry and Engineering Institute, making an instruction of the features and advantages, research direction and achievements, develop program of the institute.

Cai Weiwei a professor in Physical Science and Technology College) stated the production and industrialization of graphene and 2D material. Prof. Zheng Jincheng(College of Physical Science and Technology), Prof. Dai Lizong( from School of Materials), Prof. Deng Dehui( from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ) respectively make a report about the application of graphene and 2D material in the fields such as electronic information, new material, energy catalysis etc. 

The people attend the meeting made deep communication about the application and prospective of graphene and 2D material, bringing forward the opinions and suggestions on the institute construction, collaborative innovation on and off campus, tem building and industrialization.


At last, the Principal of Xiamen University Zhu Chongshi makes a conclusion: graphene has a board and prospective application in many fields like energy, electronic information, bio-tec, space flight and aviation and so on, which thus draw high attention from our country. Colleges and universities, being the leading of science innovation, not only base on the market, but also lead the market. Therefore, Xiamen University should play close attention to the huge demand from country and take this chance to promote the development of graphene industry and engineering institute and establish a team of high cooperative and efficiency, which will be a solid foundation for the breakthrough and leading role in the graphene industrialization. In this situation, we should take institute as a platform and create favourable research culture environment. With a sound system and mechanism, supported by the universities in and abroad China, enterprises and government, we can achieve the cooperation by world famous specialists, well-known universities, leading enterprises and government.  These would help to break the block between research and market, and finally improve our ability of contribution to economy and society. 

Leaders from Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau, Industrial technology research institute, National and Reform Commission, Zhejiang University of Technology, members of Engineering Department, related researchers from colleges from Xiamen University( College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Materials, College of Energy, School of Information Science and EngineeringCollege of Physical Science and TechnologySchool Of Aerospace EngineeringCollege of Ocean and Earth SciencesMedical College) attend meeting.