Proper actions Needed for Graphene Industrialization in Fujian- Academician Tian Zhongqun’s exclusive interview by Fujian Daily

President Tian says, the publicity of graphene industry and the stage achievements is overstated. Though the graphene industry start late in Fujian Province, it still be the same level with other provinces and cities if we value from this prospective. “There are three levels in innovation: laboratory innovation, industry and collaborative innovation. Nowadays, the urgency is the real cooperation among enterprises, research institutes and universities in Fujian and all around the country.” Professor Tian states, “The ‘relay baton’ of basic research and industrial application is not easy. The research achievement should play a real part in the enterprises operation. That’ means enterprises are able to attain the new breakthrough on the first hand and market demand from enterprises can feedback to basic research in time.”


President Tian emphasize that graphene is not everything as imagined by layman. It require systematic research in various material and application. Graphene, a new material one per 1000 thickness of hair, is able to performance well when university and enterprises cooperate to identify the precise content and distribution in different materials.     

President Tian suggests the researcher should devote to solid research as the foundation to improve graphene accordingly; picking up leading enterprises from High-Tec industries in Fujian province to create competitive products; seizing the strategic high ground with competition advantages after clear about the target.          

At the end, President Tian points out that efforts from government cannot be ignored. First, pay special attention to achievements which are possible to success in High-Tec industry. Second, focus on the recruitment of top talents; the research achievements consolidation from universities and institutes; the information collection from industry. Finally harness the synergy of all the forces.