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ResearcherSpecialist Team

  • Update Date2017-04-14

    Zong-yuan Xiao


    Research interestsEnergy Chemical; Chemical Separation; Polymer materials (phenolic resin); Nanomaterial preparation

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    konstantin novoselov


    Research interestsCondensed Matter PhysicsMesoscopic TransportSuperconductivity and FerromagnetismNanomaterial and its PreparationGraphene and other 2D Crystal

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    Zhong-qun Tian


    Research interestsSurface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Spectro-electrochemistry; nanostructure fabrication, catalytic molecular assembly

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    Zhao-xiong Xie


    Research interestsStructural Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces; Surface and Interface Controls of Functional Nanostructures and Nanomaterials

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    Nan-feng Zheng


    Research interestsNanomaterial Chemistry, Catalysis, Cluster Chemistry, Nano-biomaterials

  • Update Date2017-04-07

    Han-tao Zhou


    Research interestsGenetic Diversity and its Protection of Coastal Biology, Functional Gene; Organic Active Substance and its function of Coastal Biology, Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration

  • Update Date2017-04-07

    wei-wei Cai 

    Research interestsNovel transparent electrodes and ultracapacitor from single-layer graphene; the research and integration of field-effect transistor and sensing device based on graphene;

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    Lu Miao

    Tel 0592-2187163


    Research interestsMiniature instrument; Thermal conductive two dimensional nano-materials;  Sensors and actuator

  • Update Date2017-04-07

    Hua Bai 

    Research interestsNovel Conjugated Polymer Synthesis; Graphene Synthesis and Application; Fine Chemicals (new synthesis method); Energy Convention and Storage; Organic Solar Cell; Solar Thermal Conversion;

  • Update Date2017-03-25

    Wen-jing Hong 

    Research interestsSurface functionalization of metal electrodes; Graphene based materials for energy research

  • Update Date2017-04-07



    Research interestsfabrication of graphene materials; supercapacitors; MEMS devices; electrochemical solar cells

  • Update Date2017-04-07



    Research interestsFine Chemicals; Functional material preparation and research (graphene&2D material)